4 Questions to Ask Video Production Companies You Want to Hire

Questions to ask a Video Production Company

Before you hire a video production company, you want to make sure you ask relevant questions in advance to ensure you’ve gone with the best company for your particular needs. I’ve made some unhappy purchases because I didn’t ask the right questions. Either I didn’t really understand the company’s service or what it covered. Use these four questions to make sure you make the right decision the first time.

How Many Projects Like This Have You Completed?

You need an experienced video production company for a high-quality video with a quick turnaround time. Ask how many similar projects the company has completed and find out about their own internal processes. You want to know that the company is capable of creating the type of video you need.

How Can I See Your Portfolio?

Make sure to review the video production company’s portfolio thoroughly before making a decision. Does the video production company make videos in a style you like? Have they completed many projects? A video production company’s portfolio is their opportunity to show off the projects they completed for other clients.

What Experience and Education Does Your Team Have?

It’s okay to ask what experience, education and other credentials your video production team has. You want to feel confident that the company has the right mix of skills to create a high-quality video. Just remember that there’s not a perfect mix of these credentials to look for. Someone with less education but more experience might be a better fit.

Why Should I Choose Your Video Production Company?

Be upfront and ask the video production company why you should choose them over their competitors. It’s okay to ask them directly and not just assume. This particular question can be very revealing about what this company would be like to work with and what differences exist between different competitors.

Sometimes it is easy to be persuaded by price, experience or word of mouth. But price or reputation alone is not a guarantee that you’ll be happy with the finished project. You want to make sure the video production company you choose is the right fit for your organization and the type of videos you want to create.

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