4 Tips To Grow Your Online Presence Via Video Production

Grow Your Online Presence Via Video Production

Likely the reason you’re reading this blog is because your business is online. Well, sure, a large part of it is a physical environment with actual employees (not robots) but you’re online and you want to connect with a broad market – national or global. So the thing you need more than anything else, is online video that easily shows potential customers who you are, what you do, and what value you provide that they can’t do without. Videos are there 24/7. Selling while you’re sleeping. So in today’s blog we’re going to talk about some of the simple ways to grow your online presence.


The best video productions are the shortest ones. No one has the time to sit through your Heaven’s Gate opus, not even your mom. Well, maybe your mom. But she’s not going to be the only person responsible for growing your business. Viewers on the internet want catnip. They want something that lets them know what they need to know in the fastest possible way. Economy of words. If you absolutely, positively NEED to do a longer video, then split it up into segments.


Your video productions need to have all the swagger of big business. You need to ensure your video shows just how confident you are that you own the next big thing and that you’re sharing it with consumers who didn’t know they couldn’t live without it before today. But remember; it’s confidence – not arrogance. If you’re going to be in your video, you’d better practice your pitch a huge number of times because you can be your own worst enemy. Put ego aside. Lead with confidence.


Different, special, unique – you’re all those things. But why? What makes your service the one we can’t live without? You need to ensure that your video production encapsulates what it is you do that no one else does. You need to highlight just why you’re exceptionally different to all the others.


Making a first impression is a one shot thing. So if you’ve got a video production that’s on the front page of your website, telling everyone who stops by who you are and it’s making them move on somewhere else, you’re kinda…screwed. That’s why there are professionals like…well, like the award-winning Rip Media Group. When we come on board, we bring a whole host of writers, producers, artists and musicians whose ONE JOB is to make you look brilliant.

Internet marketing is pretty much the hottest thing there is right now. It’s a growth industry that grows every single day. And now you want to be a part of it and do your own. We applaud that but also implore you to do the best job possible. Your amazing business needs an equally as amazing video production to accompany it.

Can we help you get started down the path of utilizing online video as a valuable asset?

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