4 Ways To Determine What Marketing You’ll Need: Traditional Or Digital Video Production

Digital Video Production

When you’re looking into where you want your marketing money to go, there are two fairly big choices (and obviously video production is a huge decision). There’s the traditional route that includes everything from billboards to TV commercials to newspapers, magazines and even mail. It’s not just a proven market; it’s been there from the get-go and it’s a segment most marketers are comfortable with as it’s been there longer than they have! It’s also relatively easy to measure.

The newer market that’s emerged fairly recently – but has exploded – is digital marketing. That includes social media, emails, SEO, and content ads and is rapidly becoming a favorite. It’s now possible to reach far more people than ever before and at a much cheaper price. It also affords the possibility of direct feedback – something most traditional means of marketing can’t.

So how do you choose? There are various elements that should factor into your decision and we’ll go through 4 of them here:


Who was reading your advertisement in a magazine? Who was watching your commercial on TV? How old are they? What sex? When you use a scatter-shot approach like some of the traditional marketing channels, it’s almost impossible to tell. But with the software in place, tracking metrics online is a far more detailed process and gives you a much clearer set of numbers.


Traditional media buys are still a lot more expensive than Digital. You have to consider what it is you want to spend your money on. Digital marketing has the advantage that if a consumer likes what they see, they can click straight through to your website and possibly make a purchase – meaning the conversion rate is much higher thanks to convenience.  


Know your audience. If you’re selling a health-related product/service, you might be better off going the traditional route and advertising in a Doctor’s waiting room. If you’re selling something with a broader appeal, then you don’t have to think of specific places to advertise.


So who’s seeing your ad? Fewer people are reading magazines, watching TV, etc., but more people have a smartphone in their pocket, meaning their interaction with your ad is potentially a few clicks away at any given time.

All these should factor into what, where and how you make your marketing spend. We find the numbers for digital video productions are incredibly positive; they show a definite ROI and ensure there’s a virtual salesperson on your website, describing who you are and what product/service you’re offering 24/7, 365 days a year.  If you’re ready to get started on your new Digital marketing journey, than, give us a call today  for your free consultation!

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