5 Benefits of Telling Your Story With Explainer Videos

Benefits of Telling Your Story with Explainer Videos

Dropbox is a success story in the making when it comes to explainer videos. They released a short explainer video a few years ago as part of their video marketing campaign, which resulted in a huge amount of extra funding, they added 50 million customers to their database, and had Steve Jobs asking to buy them out! Say what?

Explainer videos have that power; and many other companies have experienced similar success from the use of this animation technique to communicate to potential customers.

Visitors to websites have grown tired of the same old boring text, so it has propelled companies to find new ways to educate (and entertain) their visitors. The best way to tell someone a story is to show them. That’s what explainer videos do!

5 Benefits of Explainer videos:

  1. Increase conversion rates- Statistics and recent research reveal that people are 85% more likely to make a purchase if they first see an explainer video. This is because it saves them time in reading text and researching by showing them through a short video. Let’s face it: the sooner the customer “gets the point,” the sooner they purchase.
  2. Improved Google results- As mentioned in a previous blog, Google is around 50 times more likely to rank your site on their first page with video, as opposed to static text and images. And remember that the video thumbnail will be shown on sites with a prominent video on the page. Ask yourself: which do you think the customer is more likely to click on? Which would YOU click on?
  3. Perfect Pitch Every Time- Explainer videos get it right over and over, unlike trying to explain in text or making a “live” sales pitch. That’s because they allow you to plan out a storyline, make your pitch, and capture it forever in a video!
  4. Easily Shareable- Explainer videos are also easily shareable via social media and other platforms. It’s easy to share on social media because of the way the platform works. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about not saying what you want to say.
  5. ROI (Return on Investment)- Using explainer videos and video marketing strategies are the best ways to increase your ROI. Dropbox spent $50,000 on an explainer video. That sounds like a big investment, until you realize what they got back: a whopping $24 million dollars and 5 million new customers. What an ROI!!


One thing these big businesses did to increase their ROI and conversion was using tracking analytics to study their audience and measure the results of their ad campaigns. Google Analytics and other similar tools have pushed the envelope in terms of peering into the tracking capabilities of visitors so take advantage of these great tools for even better research-based results.

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