5 Trends In Explainer Video Production

Trends in Explainer Video Production

Things are changing all the time – and so is explainer video production. Rip Media Group has its finger on the pulse of the video zeitgeist (at least we hope that’s its pulse!) and have identified some key trends emerging in this market. Ready?

Slicker integration of marketing with video content.  Up until now, for the most part, video has been a stand-alone activity – not integrated with your marketing but rather something special and mostly one-off. No longer. Video productions need to be properly optimized for SEO; they need proper placement on a landing page; and a larger distribution process is being called for. YouTube doesn’t just cut it as your marketing model any more.

Personalizationand mass-customization.  One day soon we’ll have the tech that allows us to mass-customize video productions but there’s no debate that personalization as well as focused, targeted content is where video is at. We used to be at the mercy of the networks, telling us where and when we could watch something. No longer. Where you are and what you’re doing will need videos produced for the needs of that audience.

Metrics.  If you don’t know who’s watching then how can you measure the results? You need to know everything; from open rates to completion rates; where people stop watching to call-to-action completions. How else do you know if your video is having an impact? The good news is that there are services to help you track what’s going on. Hit up vzaar.com, wistia.com, and brightcove.com.

Shorter Is Sweet.  Video productions can be any length – but the preferable one is as long as you’re interesting. Once you’ve told your story, fade to black! And with mobile becoming the number one destination to watch videos on, you’d better bet that people won’t be wanting to stare at a phone for too long a time.

Prepare With Pre-Pro.  Your video production is made and or broken before you even yell “action!” Your messaging has to be on point in that all-important script so make sure that itis before you green-light it. You go into the studio with the script you have – you can’t make it better afterwards. So prepare as much as you can and re-write that script as often as possible.

There you go! As promised, five credible trends in the video production world. Make sure you’ve got Rip Media Group on board and we’ll make sure we deliver all of the above and a whole lot more. After all, it’s not just our job – it’s our passion!