5 Ways To Save Cash On Your Video Production

Save Cash on Your Video Production

Any video production is going to cost you money. There are those huge budgets that get you big production value and there are smaller budgets that still get you something great as long as the script is good and imaginative. But whatever your budget is, there are always ways to mitigate costs and save some money.

What are they? Funny you should ask…

Cast Employees

As long as it’s not a central role,  your employees can be on camera (and, who knows, sometimes an employee has talent and can sweep you away with a central role). Who doesn’t like to see themselves on screen? And it’s been done many times before. Remember the CEO of the Dollar Shave Club? Not only that, but it’s a great way to highlight who you all are for your audience.

Film Events

If you’re having a conference, a webinar, heck, even a company field trip, shoot it! You can always use the recordings in a spot as b-roll or, if you plan ahead, something very specific to the script. If you’re at a convention/conference, you can also record customer testimonials.

Prepare Ahead

It’s probably the best thing you can do and yet – despite the common sense involved – most companies don’t actually do it. Know what you want to shoot. Have some idea of who your audience is. Know what your budget is and plan accordingly. And God forbid you wind up on set thinking you’ll just improvise it. NO! There had better be a locked script in place (you can always improvise after you’ve got what you wanted in the can).


Think ahead. If you’ve got a shoot scheduled, ask yourself– can you get anything else shot in the same location? If a smaller production can squeeze in next to a larger project, you can save time and money for a future video production. Also think about how you’re shooting something. Multiple angles? Multiple sets? What can you do to pare that down and bring down the cost? Every angle and every set means more money.

Don’t Go Too Long

The longer the video production, the bigger the cost. So make sure to cut all the fat and make it as lean as possible. That’s not just great for your budget but it’s also great for your audience. By editing the script, you’ll come out with something faster and tighter – and trust us, your audience will show their appreciation by watching more of it and possibly sharing it too.

And there you go! Five great ways to cut costs and improve your video production at the same time. Of course, you can also call us here at Rip Media Group for a full consultation and when we produce the video, we’ll bring it in as modestly as possible while at the same time guaranteeing a great video production.

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