The 5 Worst Things Your Video Production Company Could Ever Say

Video Production Company

You’re in the field, shopping around to put together a great video production – something your company really needs to get to that next level. There’s so many production companies out there; how do you tell the professional ones from the rank amateurs?

Here are a few red flags for you; if you hear the following run don’t walk!

We Don’t Need A Script!

Oh really, you don’t need a script, huh? You’re just going to improvise and hope you’ll catch what our business is all about before the budget runs out? Everything in this business begins with a script, and for the best results, you’ll need to start with the best script.

E&O Insurance? What’s that?

Errors and Omissions Insurance is pretty common – and for good reason. Murphy’s Law states that if it can go wrong it will, so at the very least you’ll want to be prepared for the worst case scenario.  Your video production company should carry around $2m in E&O as well as general liability.

We Do Everything!

PR? SEO? Graphic Design? Websites? Advertising? No, no, no you don’t. You do one thing and you (hopefully) do it well. Everything else will be – at best – white-labeled out or at worst, done by people who don’t do it professionally. Find a company who concentrates on what you want and need – not what they’re looking to grab extra money for.

What’s The Web For?

If the video production company has no real idea what platforms to use, what social media to run your messaging on, etc, then they’re not really going to know what kind of video to make. Snapchat, Vine, YouTube – they all use different lengths of video, so if a video is too long or too short, it is going to waste your money.

We’ll Do Whatever You Ask Us To Do

Let’s face it. You make a product or service that you’re best suited to do. It’s what you do. It’s your thing. And video productions are the thing that video production companies do. If you decide to come in and play at being Steven Spielberg for a month, it’s going to look awful; about as awful as the video production coming in to your place of work and telling you what to do. Collaborate, sure– but remember, the video production company who cares about the finished product will want to add their valuable experience into the mix. The company who doesn’t just wants your money.

If any of those red flags start flying, you should think about finding another video production company. Like Rip Media Group, for example! We’ll give you a full and free consultation whenever you want one and deliver you the video production you’ve been looking for.

Remember – your story starts here!