7 Places You Should Be Using Your Explainer Video

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You may be thinking that once you have your explainer video, it is the end of the process, but don’t forget the crucial last step. One of the most important things you and your company can do when it comes to marketing your explainer video is deciding where to put it, so that it gets the most coverage for the market you want to target. While there may be a certain level of disagreement on the most important places, here is a list of 7 critical places your video should appear, to get the most leverage:

1. Your Main Website

Of course, the first place your video should appear is your website. Think of your website as your company’s real estate on the web. This is also your landing page, the place where many conversions are made, unless you have a separate sales page. The statistics? Having an explainer video on your main site results in a 53% increased chance that it will show up in Google’s results. Oftentimes, consumers report that when they were on the fence, the explainer video helped them move from indecisive to a certain sale.

2. YouTube

We know that if you’re searching for a specific video, you probably first type it into the search bar in YouTube. Not only does YouTube give your video a good “home” from which to broadcast your message, which you can place in your website, but it also generates its own views by itself. Over 500 million people frequent YouTube monthly in the search for content on specific topics.

3. Social Media

Social media, two words you might have heard one too many times in reference to promoting your company. However, one of the best ways to get the word out about your product and make more conversions is social media. People talk about what they love, as you’ve probably noticed, and this results in even more sales. Facebook and Twitter are the ultimate ‘word-of-mouth’ which you can get now in a few minutes, whereas it used to take months to build up. So, make sure you market your products and services by putting your explainer videos on social media regularly.

4. On Your Blog

Blogs are an essential part of the digital video marketing process and having a video on your blog increases the chance of conversions greatly. One of the reasons for this is that Google owns Blogger.com and automatically boosts posts you make on that platform. However, WordPress has its own marketing tactics as well.

5. Email Campaigns

Ever received a long email completely full of text and simply skimmed through while skipping the details? Emails with videos used as visuals increase the likelihood of a sale as much as 53%. It helps break up the monotony of text that we are all familiar with, and does the explaining for you. When strategically planning your video marketing campaign, don’t forget the power of videos in email.

6. Customer Support

What better way to use an explainer video than to answer questions posed by customers in the customer support section. This is an excellent chance for you to address the common questions or concerns often posed by customers, while also decreasing the amount of incoming emails from customers as well.

7. Face-to-Face

If your customers are local, it is a great idea to present the video personally. Whether through a video Powerpoint presentation, DVD, or other means, when the customer sees the content face-to-face, it can make a big impact. So, show the explainer video in person whenever you can.

We want to make sure that you use your video in the most effective ways you can. These are seven places you should definitely have your explainer videos to increase your chances of the best exposure, traffic and conversions. You may think of others too, which will increase your exposure. Look for ways to go where your target is through YouTube, social media, email campaigns and other avenues, and you’ll make an impact on the world for sure.

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