7 Reasons for your Marketing Videos Failure


Video marketing can be an effective marketing strategy for an entrepreneur; however it requires the appropriate execution and resources. In fact even the most updated and well-equipped videos turn out to be futile at times and do not get you the expected results. So below we have mentioned 7 most common reasons for your marketing videos not bringing in the expected results?

  1. Your video is ambiguous and is not well-defined
    You need to have perfectly explicit goals if you want your video to reach out to people. If the goals and objects of your video are vague, it will not get through to people and will definitely not create the required impact.
  2. Another reason why your marketing video could be a fail is if the message through the video is not explicit. You need to have a definite message that you convey through this video, otherwise it will not have an impact on the viewers. After a viewer views your video, he should be able to get your message. Anyone will forget a video that lacks a clear message.
  3. Your video is not in sync with the kind of customers you target. Even if you hire professionals for your corporate video production and direct huge amounts towards your marketing budget, it is going to be futile if you don’t reach out to your potential customers. For instance if you use soft music and inappropriate effects to market a new car model, you may not have the necessary impact on your audiences. You need to be sure that your target audiences can connect with the video and they get exactly what they need; otherwise all your time efforts and money would be in vain.
  4. Lack of sufficient per-production planning Amateur business marketing videos ignore the pre-requisites of the business and hence there is not enough planning and consequent lack of effective execution. The most important thing is that the viewers should get a flawless and engaging end product.
  5. Substandard quality If your video is technically not up to the mark, has imperfect visual effects or sound quality or has very mediocre content, it will be visible to your viewers. This field is very competitive and it is safe to assume that every viewer must have seen the best and most professional video compilations so you cannot afford to put up something of mediocre quality as it is repulsive and extremely unprofessional.
  6. Your video lacks sufficient promotion and advertising One of the most important things is that your end product needs to be promoted well to get to your target viewers. Even the best and most superior quality videos could go unattended if they lack advertising. You need to reach out to various platforms where you can attract your potential customers. You cannot just sit back after your video is done and wait for results; you need to ensure that you have promoted your video through various platforms to attract the potential customers.
  7. There’s no call-to-action. A successful video should never get over on an ending note. You need to trigger a response and feedback from your potential customers. Start a Facebook page or a twitter or e-mail campaign and keep your potential customers and viewers active and engaged. This is an effective way to convert a viewer into a customer, and results will be easier to track with a direct call-to-action.

This article was written by Joe Forte, co-owner of D-Mak Productions LLC. Clients choose D-Mak Productions for top quality video production in Phoenix. D-Mak Productions specializes in commercial, event, music, fashion and corporate video production and is known for its creative style of video production, fast turn-around time and easy to work with manner.  Thanks for your guest post Joe!


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