What To Do With Your Amazing Video Productions

Amazing Video Productions

Here at Rip Media Group, we’re making top-quality video productions for our clients every single day. Whether they’ve been rendered as whiteboard animation, live action or motion graphics, we ensure that each and every client has the best possible video. But what do you do with it from there?

Aftercare is very important with video. I mean, sure, it’s great that you have this amazing tool at your fingertips and it impresses everyone who watches it, but unless you promote it, who’s going to see it?

The founder of Social Triggers, Derek Halpern, says that the key to great content marketing contains only 20% of the content created and that the other 80% is in promotion. That breaks down very simply to you spending 20% of your time creating a video production and 80% promoting it. Says Sujan Patel, co-founder of Content Marketer and Narrow.io, “content without the marketing is not content marketing – it’s just content.”

If you spend the time to create a promotional strategy and build it organically into each video production, you’ll see these three major benefits:

  1. Less Time/Greater Results

You’ll swap some content creation time for promotion – attracting more viewers and leads by sharing the content across various social media platforms.

  1. Bigger Audience

By working up a specific audience mailing list or finding dedicated viewers on each platform that you’ve set up, you’ll get a bigger audience that’s comprised of people who actually care about what you have to say.

  1. Better Video

When you have a better distribution/promotional plan in place, you have more time to create better content.

Here are a couple of quotes from video marketers about how they do it:

“YouTube gives you great reach when targeting prospects and customers. However, the overwhelming amount of content on it means that simply posting a video with an optimized description is no longer enough. Whether it’s on your website, social, or even email, you have to cross-promote your videos on multiple channels to gain exposure today.” – Jeremy Barlow, manager of Demand Generation, Cision.

“Never post 20 videos on one page and hope someone watches them. Combine them into a playlist. It’s like a textbook; you don’t hand people a bunch of pages, you sort them into chapters and the learning should compound.” – Daniel Hellerman, Director of Digital Marketing, Sevone Inc.

So, start working on your promotional strategy! Pretty soon, the video productions you create will be able to slip easily into that stream and find their way into the hearts of minds of customers. Feel free to contact us here at Rip Media Group too! We can give you a full consultation and provide you with a killer video production, whether it’s whiteboard animation, live action or motion graphics. Remember – your story starts here!