How are animated videos helping the medical community?

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Why are whiteboard style videos for the medical community taking off?  It all comes down to compelling and simple vs. technical complexity.

In the latest video by Rip Media Group, “What is HLHS?” complex medical ailments and procedures are explained quickly and in a compelling so patients can understand congenital heart disease (more specifically Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.)

“This type of patient educational video will help to break the gap between doctors and patients care”, said Dr. Nai Yu Tang of the Baby Hearts Foundation. Adults face the difficulty of dealing with medical terminology and understanding the doctors indications, and many pediatric hospitals are lacking in content that can help young patients, as well as parents, understand their illness and the road ahead.

What we have created is a message for the children and parents to understand what congenital heart disease means, and, what the path ahead may look like. We felt it was best said by a character, rather a medical 3D video or clinical explanation.

Think of It as Visual Advice
We live in a visual world where most new forms of media make use of that visual attraction, from smartphones to interactive games. By taking your story into the visual realm and adding a story, you can increase interest in extremely difficult or complex issues.

It was an honor and privilege to produce this video for such a wonderful cause.  Thank you Dr. Tang.


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