Why the Artist Is Vital to Animated Video Production

Why the Artist is Vital to Animated Video

Those who aren’t involved in animated video production may not know how vital an artist is to a project. But make no mistake: the quality of the artist (or artists) working on an animated video will make the difference between success and failure.

Artists Bring the Script to Life

Your script’s writer creates the dialogue and will also usually describe the shots the “camera” takes over the course of the video. But it’s the artist that breathes life into that script. They’ll create a storyboard, which takes information about the shots that the writer has given and provides a slideshow of significant shots and what they’ll look like.

While voice acting, writing and music all give personality to the video, it’s the artist whose distinctive style gives the script its energy and vitality. Their art sets the video’s mood and makes it something viewers will remember.

Artists Provide Original Assets

Of course, there’s plenty of pre-existing art, both in the public domain and as easily-purchasable stock images or videos. Why not draw from these?

For some projects (especially brief videos), that might be enough. But for most of them, this tactic will leave the video with a bland feeling. Most viewers can easily recognize both public domain and stock art and may react badly to it.

It’s far preferable, for most videos, to hire an artist or a team. These artists will provide you with new assets that will be yours to use as you wish. These high-quality assets will have a personality and an aesthetic that closely match your project, and you won’t have to settle for what you can find for cheap or free.

The Importance of Hiring Domestically

Many animation projects outsource their art and animation to foreign studios. They do this because the cost for this is typically lower, and there’s a rapid turnaround time for the art.

But there’s a reason the quality is so low: the art’s quality is typically less visually pleasing and less memorable. And many animation studios abroad are little better than sweatshops where artists work long hours for very little pay and no benefits.

Rather than supporting one of these companies — where profits don’t trickle down to artists — it’s better to hire domestically. It’ll be easier on your conscience and you’ll end up with a higher-quality product.

The artist on your animated video is a vital part of your team. They create the original, memorable look and feel of your animation. Ignore or skimp on your artists at your own peril!