Attract more Business with a Corporate Video Campaign


At Co.Design’s website you can find all sorts of ideas which can help you see into the future of the business world. One of the newest tools accessible to business is the video presentation. However, not all corporate videos are created equal, and in talking to Jake Knapp of Google Ventures, it seems they have come up with a basic framework that helps startups create video presentations—fast.

A Five Step Process
In order to come up with a successful video project, a five step process is recommended, but even before that you should get together the people and things you require for success.

  1. Start with a discussion that lets you figure out your goal; this might take research and strategic planning.
  2. Continue by brainstorming.
  3. Next, cull all your ideas and select the best concepts, ironing out the details.
  4. Now, get something together – even if it is imperfect.
  5. Finally, get some feedback by showing your product to other people who weren’t involved in the project.

Keep in mind that the most successful campaigns are created under pressure, so limit the amount of time given to each stage to no more than a day.

They Are All Marketing Videos
Keep in mind that all the videos you present, be they whiteboard animations, promo videos or explainer reels, are designed to market your company. That is precisely why you want them to be of professional quality. Sometimes, the hardest thing to achieve is that amateur look, the one that convinces the public that you are just a “regular Joe” too.

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