What is the Best Style for Your Video Production?

Customer Journey with video production

Hi everyone,

Here at Rip Media Group we’re often asked “what is the best style is for my business video?”  It’s a great question, and has a three part answer.  So, let’s begin.

1.  The most important part of this process is to take the time to understand what makes you and your company special.  Once we know your true value, we can deliver the exact right message to your target audience.  It all starts with the best story, not a ‘whiteboard video’ or ‘motion graphic’. Identifying your need – this is vital.  

Please click on the first video so you can understand the difference in styles.  I want to answer that common question for you but you will see there is a better question to ask.

Some of you have seen our Creative Brief, which is our suggested starting point.  Go ahead and have a look, I’ll wait….OK, you can see that the foundation starts with you.  We ask a lot of questions to make this discovery process easy.  You may be thinking, ‘ok, that makes some sense.  Now, how about a style?‘  Let’s answer that briefly with some samples for you to peruse:

  • Maybe a white-board animation – where we explain a complex message in a simple and entertaining way with hand drawn art (aka; ‘speed draw’) is the most attractive way to drive your story forward.
  • Perhaps a character animation – where we design custom characters for you, your clients, your audience, and your solution – is best.  This style is for ‘fun’ branding as they are similar to the cartoons we used to know (and loved) as kids.
  • 2D motion graphics is extremely popular in business animation.  Our team of creatives use modern graphic design techniques to create a unique experience. Sometimes kinetic typographywhere the writing you see on screen moves dynamically, can accentuate important points.
  • More advanced photo-realistic or futuristic 3D animation is extremely effective as our minds are immediately more engaged to shapes, sights, and movements that are not possible in the physical world.  Engagement, understanding and conversion rates are typically highest here.
  • Having a spokesperson, live actors, and/or a live-action video is useful as viewers immediately relate (positively or negatively) to another human face.  We have found that a hybrid of any of these styles has been extremely useful in creating an engaging story.

All are fine choices, but it depends on more.  Like a doctor, we need to find that pain to be able to solve the issue.

2. In the video and descriptions above, you have seen exactly what we’re talking about when we say ‘whiteboard animation’, ‘character animation’, ‘2D motion graphics’, ‘kinetic typography’, and ‘3D animation’.  But, you’re still asking…”What’s the best style Maury?!”…Well, once we know the problem, we know the story we need to tell.

For example: If you need to grab peoples attention at a trade show, a 3D Animation is likely the best way to stop people from walking past you to the free beer at the big booth next door…If website visitors are filling in your forms, but leave your site and do not buy from you, then there is likely a lack of trust in what you do.  Live testimonial videos showing credible people may be the best solution because you need to build more trust…What if you are getting the same questions asked of you, all the time?  A great video could save hundreds of hours just simplifying an issue and explaining a solution with hand drawn art could alleviate questions…but IT MUST match your style and branding…Still not there yet.

It all depends on where your customers are in THEIR CUSTOMER JOURNEY. (Please watch this video to learn more):

Ok, no solution yet, but, we are getting close!  If we know where you are having issues, and what your customers need, it’s time to work on concepts that will solve the problem.  Ill plug in some concept examples in an upcoming blog, so that you know how powerful they can be.  For now, let’s continue down the path to that answer…

A great script is the backbone of EVERY one of these styles.  Unless you have that, everything else comes crashing down like a house of cards.  In the movie industry there is an old saying: “Let them fix it in post”.  It is said only in jest, or in desperation, because fixing a movie at the end of the production is the hardest thing to do.  The best place to ‘fix’ any project is in the foundation: The Concept and Story…then comes the script…then the style…then post-production to pull of these elements together.  We match a great concept with a solid script, then add the emotional elements that you want your customers to feel to create a style for you.  It can’t be a cookie cutter that every Tom-Jane-and-Larry can imitate.  It must be unique, and it must look like your brand.

The sum of all the parts is a creation that can touch, inspire, and transform lives.  

So, don’t let the style dictate your story…let the story bring out the style.

The real question I hope you now pose: “What is the best story for my needs?”

Now, we’re talking!

We can solve issues and make your life easier by fixing issues, rather than just talking about the style of a video.

All that said, we (obvious by now) produce in every style, and are honored to have won awards for our stories built in live, motion graphic, whiteboard animation, and hybrids of multiple looks.  They all started with a great discovery process, and a great story we pitched.  Why?  Because, they all started with you.

3.  Follow a tried and true process to get the best story, style, and results…this is critical.  In the video below, you can see our Green-light Production Process, which shows you each of the production steps, described in the most advantageous order.

This process is based on this team being a part of the films Oceans 13, Entourage, multiple award winning independent films, and over one thousand commercials.  It’s that, mashed together with decades of combined experience in the high tech industry.  Now, with all of that, you can find the best solution!  

Rip Media Group: Our Greenlight Production Process

Ill write another blog to describe the process in more detail for you as well.

Until then, get some popcorn and enjoy any one of our mini-movies here! 

Hope this helped you!

Thank you


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