This Is Your Branding Video; but Better


Often, when a company takes the leap and decides to move to online marketing videos, they do so without carrying their brand to a new medium successfully. What if you made not only your character part of the video, but also the artist? This double usage is a branding video and is incredibly powerful, opening up an instant connection with your audience.

Consider the Company Intro Video
Who is going to be your company spokesperson? Is it you? How about an animated version of you? No matter who you want to reach with your intro video, your primary goal is to forge a bond with those watching.

The company intro video must not only let people know that you exist; it must lure them in with a touch of friendliness and a great deal of professionalism. You add a whole new level of complexity by incorporating the artist with the story. You are no longer standing in front of an audience lecturing; your voice is telling a tale. And, much like in days of old, that personal note is what will make your story come alive.

Go a Step Beyond
Now that you have decided to have your main character “tell” the story, you want to make anything visible on the screen part of the persona. That might mean dressing up the arm you have drawing your whiteboard video in a particular costume or makeup. Does that seem strange? Just keep in mind, that this is a matter of being in character.

Think of some of the most successful businesses you know; Disney, Chuck-E-Cheese or Renaissance restaurants. They are at the top of their market because they do more than staff an experience, their staff are the experience. The line between the character and the presenter is gone. You can do the same for your online marketing efforts.

Sure, you can try to do this on your own, but a little help can go a long way towards creating a seamless presentation. All it takes is finding the right production company.

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