Bridging the Generation Gap in Video

The Generation Gap in Video

Mass communications once ruled society. People of all ages would sit around the radio or television and enjoy the same programs. These days, audiences have severely splintered. Cable channels, streaming channels, websites and apps offer entertainment that appeals to ever-narrower groups.

So is it still possible to influence people of all ages with your marketing videos, and is it even worth trying to do so?

The Targeted Approach

You don’t have to reach multiple generations with your content. If you’re selling a product that overwhelmingly appeals to a particular age group, you’ll likely sell more effectively if you specifically target that demographic. Obviously, though, it’s crucial to know your audience before you narrow your message.

If you’re aiming for a certain age bracket, you might invoke specific values and issues. Many baby boomers are interested in matters related to health and happiness during retirement. Their children, Generation Xers, are probably more concerned about raising families and planning for the future. Millennials and members of Generation Z, meanwhile, often like to hear optimistic messages about going on adventures and finding one’s place in the world.

Appealing to Different Ages

At the same time, it’s possible for your videos to reach multiple age groups. If you’re selling something like toothpaste that people need no matter how old they are, a cross-generational approach could pay dividends.

In such videos, you might feature more than one generation, such as a scene depicting children, parents and grandparents at the beach or on a picnic together. Alternatively, you could include elements with near-universal appeal. Just about everyone likes looking at babies, dogs, delicious foods and gorgeous scenery. In addition, keep in mind that a simple story typically touches the most people.

You might try to reach different age groups by releasing different versions of the same video. For example, a video to attract millennials might showcase young actors discussing current movies or using modern slang. Meanwhile, a video to entice baby boomers might feature older actors talking about classic movies. Indeed, you should never neglect senior citizens. They spend in excess of $7 billion on the internet annually.

Also, it can be harder to surprise and engage young adults with online content. It sometimes takes breathtaking imagery and really out-of-the-box thinking to make lasting impressions on them.

Finally, whether you’re looking to astonish young people, reassure baby boomers, amuse members of Generation X or entertain all of them, you can always trust our communication skills. In our corporate videos, we’ll speak to anyone and everyone you want to address.  Remember, your story starts here!