The Buyer’s Journey – How To Be Their Video Production Tour Guide Pt3

The Buyers Journey Part 3

Welcome back as we take you through the Ten Key Steps in nurturing your buyer along their journey as their video production tour guide. It’s a process that takes a broad approach, but one that includes video productions, whether they’re whiteboard animation or motion graphics or live action.

We’ve talked about making it personal and building individual personas to work from. Today we’re going to discuss…

Communicating With The Person – Not The Title.

There’s been a shift in the focus of B2B marketing of late, it’s made a move toward more personalization and relevancy — A move that’s been dubbed H2H or “Human-to-human”  by Bryan Kramer, CEO of PureMatter. This means that business marketers are using simple language along with friendliness, warmth and humor to connect with the people sitting behind their desks. The perception these days is that customers wish to feel a “we’re in this together” sensibility, instead of the more remote relationship that’s segmented by old-timey buyer and seller roles.

It’s a well-timed trend, that’s for sure, and it arrives as society is demanding more transparency in business. Customers want names and faces. They’re sick of corporate logos that say nothing to them on a personal level. They want people who care.

So your video production – be it whiteboard animation, motion graphic or live action – needs to take that into account. Don’t have a script that’s stuffy or that talks down to your customer. Your video should be friendly, affable, and gregarious; these are the best ways to truly sell to someone.

Oktopost, the social media agency, makes some great points when it comes to taking a next step in this ideal environment. First off, if you have a phone number for your lead, call to thank them for downloading content or signing up for a trial. You could also search names of new leads on LinkedIn and ask to be part of their network and then follow up with a personal note. As long as you don’t go too far and start badgering the person, reaching out can build your credibility as well as earn you some trust.

But what happens when you get an anonymous website visitor? Great question. In fact most of the people who visit your site are anonymous. By utilizing a website visitor tracking system, along with your marketing automation system, you will be able to capture and store your visitor’s IP addresses. This works great in conjunction with input from the client contact form on your site. With that information in place, the tracking system will be able to attach all the previous browsing activity to that visitor’s name so you can enter this potential customer into the correct nurturing campaign automatically.

Stay tuned for the fourth part of this series. Here at Rip Media Group we want to provide you with a full video production service – and that means a blog that encompasses every part of the marketing spectrum. Contact us for a full consultation where we can determine what you need and what video works for you; whether it’s whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action. And remember – your story starts here!

Thanks to our friends at Act-On for helping us bring you this series.