The Buyer’s Journey – How To Be Their Video Production Tour Guide Pt7

The Buyers Journey Part 7

Welcome back as we take you through the Ten Key Steps in nurturing your buyer along their journey as their video production tour guide – into your arms! It’s a process that takes a broad approach, but one that includes video productions, whether they’re whiteboard animation or motion graphics or live action.

We’ve talked about making it personal, communicating with the person and building individual personas to work from. Today we’re going to discuss…

Delivering Value Via Customized Content.

Content has proven value, but content in the form of video productions has become invaluable. Whether it’s whiteboard, 3D motion graphic or live action; it connects with an audience like nothing else.  In fact, according to a report by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 70% of companies are producing more video content this year than last.

But not all content is created equal! Just like websites, landing pages and emails, the content resonating most with buyers has to be relevant to their needs, preferences and job titles. Not only that, but your video production or written content has to be relevant to where a lead is in the sales journey; that means anywhere from brand awareness or education to conversion.

Here’s a list of the most popular content – in order – that B2B marketers use:

Social media content (not blogs)


Articles on the company website


Case Studies




Online presentations



Research reports


Of those types, the three most successful at converting leads are blogs, video productions and webinars/webcasts.

Remember to mix up your content so leads don’t get bored and turn you off. If you’re doing a video production, employ various techniques from whiteboard to motion graphics, from 2D to 3D and live action — or any combination of these styles!

Stay tuned for the seventh part of this series. Here at Rip Media Group we want to provide you with a full video production service – and that means a blog that encompasses every part of the marketing spectrum. Contact us for a full consultation where we can determine what you need and what video works for you; whether it’s whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action. And remember – your story starts here!

And thanks to our friends at Act-On for helping us bring you this series.