The Buyer’s Journey – How To Be Their Video Production Tour Guide Pt8

The Buyers Journey Part 8


Welcome back as we take you through the Ten Key Steps in nurturing your buyer along their journey as their video production tour guide – into your arms! It’s a process that takes a broad approach, but one that includes useful tips on video productions, whether they’re whiteboard animation or motion graphics or live action.

We’ve talked about making it personal, communicating with the person and building individual personas to work from. Today we’re going to discuss…

Building A Smart Content Library.

That’s right! You should have a library full of content.  You need a stockpile of content in order to get the jump on your competition. But it doesn’t just mean loads of expensive video productions. There are many ways – cost effective ways – to create a well of content for future use.

First off, remember this key fact; you don’t need a massive arsenal of content before you begin a nurturing campaign. You’ll want to start your campaign as soon as possible, but you can begin by targeting a few key buying segments and creating a handful of relevant pieces. You can continue to build your content library from there.

Secondly, you can repurpose! Collect relevant blog posts and put them together in a targeted eBook or Newsletter. Add some fresh introductions and links to third party articles, and you’ve created new content by simply reorganizing your pre-existing work.

Thirdly, you should think of yourself as a curator. The content in your arsenal doesn’t have to be 100% original. Offer links to journal articles, product reviews and industry reports. By establishing yourself as a thought leader, your customers will begin turning to your content as a valuable resource.

Remember, your customers are on a journey. Get a good understanding of the kinds of content that move prospective clients from one stage to the next. Cover every phase with:


  1. Content that creates interest in your company.
  2. Testimonial video productions that show your happy clients.
  3. The real value of solutions, such as product comparisons.


And whatever your content strategy is, remember to write it down! The Content Marketing Institute says businesses that document their strategies have the most content marketing success.

Stay tuned for the ninth part of this series. Here at Rip Media Group we want to provide you with a full video production service – and that means a blog that encompasses every part of the marketing spectrum. Contact us for a full consultation where we can determine what you need and what video works for you; whether it’s whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action. And remember – your story starts here!

And thanks to our friends at Act-On for helping us bring you this series.