The Buyer’s Journey – How To Be Their Video Production Tour Guide Pt9

The Buyers Journey Part 9

Welcome back as we take you through the Ten Key Steps in nurturing your buyer along their journey as their video production tour guide – into your arms! It’s a process that takes a broad approach, but one that includes video productions, whether they’re whiteboard animation or motion graphics or live action.

We’ve talked about making it personal, communicating with the person and building individual personas to work from. Today we’re going to discuss…

Adding Video To See Profits Go Viral

According to a report by Forrester Research, one minute of video production is worth 1.8 million words. Phenomenal, right?

Speaking of reports, Forbes Insights did a survey that showed 59% of senior executives say they would rather watch a video production than read text. About half of them say they watch business-related videos on the web and 65% say they visit a company’s website after viewing a video.

In fact, video-based campaigns have been reported to boost profit by 400%!! That’s crazy talk! So, what’s the downside? Get this…

There isn’t one!

Adding video is much easier and cheaper than you think, and clearly well worth the investment. You can simply upload your finished video production to YouTube and add the link to your site if you want — you don’t even need a web developer to do this stuff anymore!

Animated GIFs can also be an effective tactic to grab a reader’s attention. They’re a great way to demonstrate a product feature or add scope to a photo.

Forbes Insights did another study that posed this question to executives: How long do you prefer work related videos to be?” Here are their results:

Under a minute 3%

1-3 minutes 36%

3-5 minutes 42%

Longer than 5 9%

Don’t know 5%

As you can see, the sweet spot seems to be from 1-5 minutes. We’ve found a 2-3 minute video to be the most effective. You also have the option of creating a 5 minute video and then breaking it up into smaller, standalone videos. This way your potential clients can either watch your entire video in one sitting, or head straight to the section of your video that interests them most. As we’ve discussed in other parts of this blog series, people like customization, and here’s another opportunity for you to give it to them!

Stay tuned for the tenth and final part of this series.  Here at Rip Media Group we want to provide you with a full video production service – and that means a blog that encompasses every part of the marketing spectrum. Contact us for a full consultation where we can determine what you need and what video works for you; whether it’s whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action. And remember – your story starts here!

And thanks to our friends at Act-On for helping us bring you this series.