Choosing a Video Production Company

Video Production

I always remind my prospective clients that choosing a video production company is an important decision. It’s a serious business partnership, and it’s important to go into it with your eyes open, taking certain factors into account. Read on to learn some things every company should look for when hiring a video production company.


Most established video production companies will have a portfolio of past projects to look at. Take time to look through them. Don’t just look at the quality of the work, but look at the style as well. (Don’t get hung up on the content, since this is dictated by the clients.)

If a client wants a particular style of video or animation but doesn’t see it represented in a company’s portfolio, I usually advise them to ask the company if they have a sample available. The company may have neglected to include a representative sample — or they may not produce videos of that style or type.

Turnaround Time

What turnaround time does the company offer for a video? Remember that while faster turnaround times are generally better, they may be a sign of slipshod work. Always weigh the turnaround time against the quality of the work.


Obviously, lower cost is better. But too low of a cost is suspicious. If a video production company is charging very little, their product may be inferior, or they may be engaging in unethical practices, such as plagiarism.

Educate yourself about options, but don’t shop around for the lowest bidder. Remember: In video production, as with so many things, companies get what they pay for.


Does the company outsource production to other companies? If so, that’s a red flag.

Outsourced video production may be less expensive than domestic, but it’s often of a poorer quality. And many overseas video production companies have been implicated in problematic business practices, such as forcing animators to work long hours for little pay and no credit.


When companies choose a video production company, they’re choosing a business partner. They’re deciding who will have an important hand in creating vital materials for their business, such as explainer videos, advertising, social media content or educational videos.

Like any business partnership, I always advise companies to go in with their eyes open. Research companies, their history, their products and their business practices. That way, there won’t be any surprises later on.