Client Review: Video Production for CEO Membership Organization (Vistage)

Vistage Networks Motion Graphics - Video Production

Rip Media Group was asked by Vistage, a membership organization that provides advisors for CEOs who don’t usually have an executive board, to produce a two-minute promotional video featuring a satisfied customer.  So it was only fair that Vistage provide us with a review.  But we certainly didn’t expect this:

Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

And here are their kind words:

We wanted to create a promotional video for our organization that showcased the program to both current and prospective members. The video needed to give a brief overview of the program and demonstrate how it worked.

We knew the Rip Media CEO through our own network; he was one of our program members. We sent them an RFP and had a great conversation about the project requirements. Once we reviewed

We collaborated with Rip Media Group to develop a two-minute promo for our services. They developed the initial concepts, collaborating with us to ensure that the key messages aligned with our brand. Usually, they present four potential concepts for us, but this time they presented six. We picked aspects that we liked to develop an idea that resonated with us. They then produced and edited the video.

This involved developing multiple potential concepts and editing the clips.

Above all, their project management and communications skills allowed for an enjoyable collaboration.

We’re impressed by how effectively they utilized two minutes to share a compelling narrative arc that also promoted our program. The ROI was amazing. We shared the video through our intranet platforms to our members and displayed it at promotional events for the past year, where other marketers praised its quality and asked who produced it.

Responsive and always available, they went above and beyond to provide us with the initial concepts. During the sales process, they took the time to explain the project outline and our role in the engagement.

Although the project took a little longer than we expected, that was due to our own internal delays. Regardless, they met deadlines and adapted well to any project changes. On a personal note, I enjoyed our relationship with them and missed talking to the team once the project ended.

We appreciated their creativity and adaptability. They didn’t get too attached to some of their ideas and easily adjusted their vision to match our organization’s brand. 

Above all, their project management and communications skills allowed for an enjoyable collaboration.

The video garnered widespread praise for its engaging narrative and promotional capabilities. Throughout the engagement, Rip Media Group’s creative aptitude helped them adapt to timeline changes and produce a captivating video.