Client Review – Video Production Services for Kaiser Permanente

Video Production Services for Kaiser Permanente

Rip Media Group has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with Kaiser Permanente as a partner for their video marketing efforts.  One of the most recent videos featuring character animation received the following rating from the Kaiser Permanente team:

Quality: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Willing to refer: 5.0

Here is what they said in their review:

We devised a new strategic plan for 3,000 employees and wanted an engaging way to share our vision with the entire workforce. The goal was to create a media message that was simple to understand. 

We chose Rip Media Group because the CEO knew proper healthcare jargon, worked locally, and displayed the expertise necessary to complete the project. We also liked that he came in person to meet with us beforehand.

We asked Rip Media Group to develop a piece of engaging media that was no more than two minutes and 30 seconds long. It needed to be mobile-friendly and appeal to different groups in our workforce. 

First, they helped us visualize the key elements we wanted to include in the video. Then, they created a storyboard and a wireframe. From there, the team created the video content with a voice actor and edited it. We ended up creating several different iterations of the video.

The Rip Media team was organized and very responsive. They’re great collaborators. Easy to work with and had a flexible style. 

Thorough and effective planning sets them apart from other agencies.  They used an online project management tool that enabled us to pause the video and add comments directly. His whole team was able to see that feedback and I found it very efficient.

The team was very good at accommodating our goals.  They made our ideas better, which resulted in a stronger end product. 

The video received glowing reviews from our executive staff and the rest of our team. They felt it conveyed the message and was engaging.  

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