Video Marketing Hacks for Explainer Videos: ‘The Cliffhanger’

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“Left foot, right foot. Left foot, right foot.”

Mike repeated this chant in his head as he turned the corner of the final five miles of the Chicago Marathon.

It had been a dream of his to run those 26.2 miles since he was a little boy.

Every muscle in his body protested in aches and tremors with each step he took.

The forty pounds he’d put on after getting out of the military weren’t helping either (but man, Chicago’s deep dish pizza IS great). “Left foot, right foot. Left foot, right foot.”

Mike was trying his best to envision that finish line, but the pain and sheer exhaustion those miles were causing his body were making it really easy for him to get discouraged.

Pushing his body to the limits provided him with plenty of opportunities to think of excuses to throw in the towel.

His ankles felt like they were going to buckle at any moment, and it was getting harder to maintain his breathing pattern.

Then something amazing happened…

Wondering what? That’s the power of leaving a story untold.

Find out how this applies to video marketing by watching the video below!

And for those of you still wondering, Mike did complete the marathon. He still has his medal and racing bib hanging in a shadowbox in his office today.


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If you are in the 1.98% that likes to read, here is the transcript for the video!

Maury Rogow here from RIP Media Group, ripping through some video marketing hacks for you. Rule number seven of great storytelling is here; leave the video with a little information left unresolved, left untold. Make the viewers want to click and learn more. For example, my wife and I love to go to movies. We go to screenings and openings as much as we can. We always watch the previews and see what’s coming up. One little look to the side and we give a nod or a head shake to decide whether we’re going to go to the movie that just was shown to us.

The ones that make the cut, those are the ones that didn’t tell us the entire story the whole way through. There’s an air of mystery there. You can use this information in your branding videos. This is extremely important and once you learn the next insight, you’ll know why. Click on the link in the description to access more breakthroughs. Looking forward to seeing you there.