Boost Your Marketing Video Views with Facebook Dynamic Ads


Here we are in 2018…no colony on Mars yet, but Elon is hard at work.

A generation ago there was barely an internet.

Today, we truly wouldn’t be able to work, play, or learn without it. The internet gives companies endless possibilities to market their company. As we have seen, the best way to get your message across is with video production or quality animation. So, what’s the best way to decide where to put your ad?

The rumors are true that Facebook is a good place to pay for advertising. The social media giant is no longer just for networking, stalking people’s photographs from the last decade, and reading about people’s latest opinions.

Facebook Dynamic Ads can now expand the reach of your corporate video. Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s remember that your company needs quality material to promote before you can create your Facebook Dynamic Ad about it.

What to Feature in Your Facebook Dynamic Ad

If you have a new product or service that you would like to introduce to the world, you’ll add it to your Facebook Product Catalogue, but I suggest creating a marketing video that will best represent your company and product.

More than ever, stores are uploading videos to showcase their products. This is particularly true of men’s and women’s fashion. Popular websites like show not only photos of their models, but now videos showing potential customers what an item of clothing will look like in real time, worn by a real person.

But even if you’re not in fashion, there is a story to tell about your product or service! I know your company will reach more customers when they see what you’re all about.

Read my blog “Top 5 Corporate Videos: How to Decide Which is For You” in order to evaluate what style would work best for your upcoming project. And you can always reach out to Rip Media Group for questions regarding your marketing video! We’re professionals who want your marketing video to succeed.

About Facebook Dynamic Ads

Well, it turns out it’s a fantastic way to reach your audience – there’s not a lot like it right now in terms of social media platforms (I’m specifically referring to Facebook Dynamic Ads). Facebook shares on their website:

“Facebook dynamic ads automatically promote products to people who have expressed interest in your website, in your app or elsewhere on the internet. Simply upload your product catalog and set up your campaign one time, and it will continue working for you for as long as you want—finding the right people for each product, and always using up-to-date pricing and availability.” Source:

Facebook Dynamic Ads can reach more of your customer base, complete sales transactions, and give people the flexibility to see your product on mobile or desktop devices. By focusing on those three elements, it’s no wonder Facebook Dynamic Ads can help grow any type of business; a large corporation or a small business. Here’s a success story for you…

In an age when hard copy newspaper subscriptions are on the decline, the New York Times increased their Facebook advertising by 45% and made a 25% reduction in the cost of their subscription fees.

With that math, you’d think the news mogul would be losing money—but they’re not! In fact, the subscription conversions from their target audience over doubled! Marketing teams know that any type of advertising is an investment, but advertising by using Facebook Dynamic Ads is going to get you targeted results.

So how does this apply to you and your marketing video? Facebook Dynamic Ads will surely get you the boosts in views. You can specifically request your Dynamic Ad to reach a certain age, ethnicity, regional area and much more. All of these factors should be based on your well-planned marketing strategy.

How to Create a Facebook Dynamic Ad

Here are some relatively easy steps to get you going:

1. You’re going to want to upload your product catalog to Facebook Business Manager and include Product IDs in Pixel or App events. For a more detailed look at how to create the relevant feeds, head here. Take advantage of Facebook Pixel, so you can target the right audience and measure your ad results.

2. Create a Product Ad set and an ad template that, based on your product data, will be rendered dynamically. This will include fields such as title, description, availability, and price. You can choose to create a dynamic ad with a carousel, a single image or a collection. Facebook also allows certain customizations to your Dynamic Ad that can help make it a little more creative; overlays, offers, slideshows, fixed cards or customizable ad copy. Overlays are probably the most helpful to attract people to your ad, because you can include features like price, free shipping, and top-selling. You can also customize each overlay and change the color, position, shape or font of its text. All of these are additional options, not necessary.

3. The Dynamic Product Ad will then render the right product – or products – to the right person across any and all devices they are using. That combined with your video production or animation should light up any prospective consumer’s face!

4. Voila! All your ducks are now lined up. Once your dynamic product ads are running, you can learn how individual products are performing by calling Ad Report Stats with a breakdown by Product ID.

It looks like Facebook is a great place for you to sell your products. Along with a solid video production that we here at Rip Media Group can create for you, here’s hoping Facebook brings you many happy customers.

Our talented team at Rip Media Group is always creating engaging videos that help sell a brand, product or service in the most efficient and creative way possible. Let our team help you build your brand and get you the visibility and impact your organization needs.

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