Connect to Customers, Face to Face, with an Explainer Video!

Connect to Customers with Explainer Videos

If you are still marketing on paper alone, you are missing out on the fastest growing section of promotional products. Additionally, you are bypassing the most effective way to target your audience. It is estimated that a one minute video has the same impact as 1.8 million words; that’s about 3,600 web pages worth of content. People typically watch nearly 200 videos online each month. Getting your marketing video online lets you access a broader audience, more effectively.

Introducing a Product? Use an Explainer Video
Few things frustrate your customers more than not being able to use a recently purchased product. An explainer video solves that problem quickly. As most people are visually oriented, being able to see how a product works is a faster way to interest them. Furthermore, since they have seen things in action, they will be more confident in their purchase. While the primary goal of such a video is explaining your product, it also connects you to your potential customers on a personal level.

Keep It Simple
As you would in other marketing campaigns, determine your target audience in advance. Then generate a basic script that covers your speaking points. Get to know the script so you don’t have to refer to your notes while taping. Finally, consider more than one video format; speed drawing or a whiteboard animation may be more appropriate than face to face for some types of information.

You don’t have to create elaborate sets or hire a professional spokesperson to demonstrate your product in your video; however, it helps to have an experienced hand at the helm. While some people are fairly forgiving of amateurish videos, enlisting some help can make your presentation much more effective.

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