The Customer Journey – Mapping Your Weakest Points…and Your Video Solution.

The Customer Journey

Do you know your customer’s journey? If not, it’s crucial that you learn it. Understanding the customer journey means the difference between making a sale or losing one. Your video production is a key player in moving your customers along each stage of their journey. When and where do you include your video production(s)? 

When and where do you include your video? Fear not! We are here to help you figure that out.

Here at Rip Media Group, we have boiled the Customer Journey down to six important stages and, as you can see from the video below, we are sharing a plan of action for each stage.  Have a look and jot down where you are having the most issues moving your customers closer to a sale.  Once we know the problem areas, your videos should be the antidote to the problem.  There it is: you need to find out where you are weak, and that is where we focus the powerful video.

Please have a look at my description with an animation, describing the steps in 90% of buyers journey’s, you can also read a bit more in the description below the video.

As you could see, there are actually defined steps in the cycle.  Where do you think your marketing and sales process is the weakest?  Where do YOUR potential buyers stop moving to the next step?

  1. Attraction.

Your customers don’t even know about you yet, so your first step is to attract them. You can use all sorts of things to do this. You can post an ad on YouTube, Google, display networks or Instagram. You can even use How To video productions on each of these channels.  At first, these should be short, clever and pointed toward your best customers segment.

  1. Capture

They’re interested! So this next step involves you capturing their email or contact info. On a capture page, you need to display your best and most appropriate explainer video or product video to determine if your customer is still engaged and get them more excited about what how you solve problems.  

  1. Nurture

The next step on the all-important customer journey is to nurture them because they want to learn more… about how you operate, your culture, your solutions, Return on Investment and testimonials. You need to build trust at this phase so prospects can move onto the next step.

  1. Educate

This next phase includes massive education and consumption of content.  Customers are now looking at you and your competitors too!  So you need to educate them as much as possible. You want to give them how-to videos, product sheets, infographics and more. Let them know why you are their solution and not one of your competitors. Remember, your salespeople aren’t part of this process yet, so you need to do everything else you can to reassure your customer that they’re making the right decision.

  1. Conversion

This is where your potential customer becomes your actual customer. You need to show appreciation right off the bat so they do not have any ‘buyer’s remorse’. This is where you need thank you videos and next step videos – you need to quickly create positive expectations.

  1. Expand

Now that you have a happy customer, it’s time to start the cycle up again and expand your relationship with them. Attract them to other products by cross-selling and up-selling.

Check out the video and you’ll see it all for yourself.  

Remember – your story starts here, and we would love to help you with a free consultation on your customers and buyers journey.

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