Designing Your Informative Whiteboard Animation


Okay, you have decided that the best way to explain your product to potential customers is a whiteboard animation. What is the next step? You want your presentation to be not only informative; you also want it to be interesting. Follow these tips and you will create exactly what you want.

Create Your Story
Every presentation is really a story. The story you want to tell people needs to draw them in. The addition of drawing makes your story more approachable. Your story doesn’t have to be long; in fact, it is better if it short and direct. People don’t want to listen for very long, even online.

Connect with the Audience
Nothing is worse than feeling like the person on the screen isn’t talking to you. Include a touch of humanity. Make your information easy to understand. That might mean you have to break it down into smaller chunks. If you make those chunks amusing, people will be drawn in and want to stay long enough to learn what you want to teach them.

Create Your Character
Someone has to tell the story to the audience. That is your character. A well designed character can be used over and over, especially if you get all your videos animated. This gives the audience consistency and creates a brand for your videos too.

Generate Video
If you choose to go it alone this is the point at which you will take your story and start animating it. It isn’t hard to create simple pictures to film. Make several in a row and you have the basis of a whiteboard presentation. Use your character to convey your most important points. Increase their impact by writing those words on your whiteboard as well.

Your success in whiteboard animation is only limited by your creativity and your artistic talent. If you, like so many others, are artistically challenged, your best bet is to bring in a firm that specializes in whiteboard animation. Your presentation will be of a higher quality and designing the “hook” will be that much simpler when a pro helps fine tune your story.

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