Engaging Trade Show Traffic With Video

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Everybody who’s presented at a trade show is familiar with the problem: passers-by are reluctant to engage. There’s a famous “two-foot bubble” around every booth, and people are very reluctant to move into it.

Your ability to successfully engage with customers relies on your ability to speak with them personally, and get them to pick up your brochures or other literature. You can’t do that so long as people are shy to approach. How can you pop the two-foot bubble?

Video Is Key

Video is a uniquely engaging medium that has the potential to bring people out of their comfort zones. Everyone loves video: its compelling images and movement catch the eyes of potential customers as they wander through the exhibition hall.

Video also has the potential to create an emotional connection that’s far more powerful than what other media create. Skillful use of animation, voice acting, and music work together to kindle powerful emotions.

You’ll see prospective customers warm up to your brand as they watch your video, and that’s often enough to help them get over their shyness. Even if they don’t want to chat with you about your company, they’ll want to talk about the video — and that’s often enough to get your foot in the door!

Making the Best Impression

Once you’ve decided to use a video to make a splash at your trade show, it’s time to decide what sort of a video you want to be. The video’s style and aesthetic are important, but just as critical is what the video actually conveys.

Of course, you have a lot of leeway, and the answer to this will depend on your company, brand and products or services. But when you’re trying to stand out in a trade hall, maybe the most important advice is to be genuine.

Many customers are very familiar with the sorts of slick messaging that gets bandied around at trade expos. They’ve become inured to it.

Successful marketing often involves careful calculation and research, and you shouldn’t ignore that. But if you’re using video to break the ice with a tough crowd, make a sincere statement of what your brand stands for and believes in, and what it has to offer.

When you make the first move like this, your audience will detect your genuineness, and respond in kind. The infamous two-foot bubble will pop, and you’ll find yourself interacting with your audience on a deep level, like you never have before.  We’re video production experts and we’re here to help.  Rip Media Group, your story starts here!