Even Without Pictures, Whiteboard Typography Is Eye Candy


Visual media is the only way to attract attention these days, and that means you have to be able to create videos that are both entertaining and informative. Whiteboard typography is a great medium for online videos, but making them takes a bit of flair. Not sure how to progress? Follow these four steps.

  1. Get their attention – The average web browser watches about 20 hours of video each month. Video is dramatically more search-friendly than simple written words, and research suggests that in just five years, 90% of all online traffic will be visual. Whiteboard videos are much easier on the eye than text.
  2. Tell the Whole Story with Color – If you are not using pictures or cartoons to brand your product make sure to use some color. This doesn’t mean that you should go crazy and break out the rainbow; red, black and blue is enough. It adds visual appeal and motion to a static script. Hand drawn graphics add credibility to your presentation, so make use of them to tell the story your audience wants to hear. Viewers have longer attention spans than readers. Capitalize on that and create a presentation that fits in 30-90 seconds.
  3. Use Whiteboard Animation for Complex Ideas – Do you have a more involved explanation to present? Create a link at the end of your whiteboard typography that connects viewers directly to the next concept. This time, expand to animation to delve into the more difficult ideas. Adding this visual aspect will help viewers absorb the new information better.
  4. Involve Video Marketing Specialists – No one can do it all. Figuring out your talents and making the most of them will help you succeed. Few people have the knowledge or equipment to make good marketing videos. With the right company, however, you can make several whiteboard marketing videos in a day or two and get them online quickly.  This will help draw more people to your website and increase your conversion rate. Let the experts help you by doing what they do best, and you can focus your talents where they will do the most good.

If you are too busy to take on the extra hours it takes to create exposure for your company, Rip Media Group will be happy to do it for you.

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