How Explainer Videos Help You Bring in the Bacon

How Explainer Videos Help

Have you ever had difficulty using a product? I recently bought a tent and it seemed to require a PhD to get it set up. I popped on to the company’s website, watched an explainer video and I was set in a couple of minutes. The ease of finding the information I needed made the purchase that much more valuable to me. You can do the same thing by producing explainer videos for your products as well.

Not Just for Assistance, Also for Solutions
Explainer videos can be used to do more than help befuddled customers. Among the goals that such videos can tackle are product introduction, sharing of company goals and problem solving strategies. Still, you want to keep such videos simple so you don’t overwhelm your audience or drive them away. Additionally, an explainer video helps solve one of your problems; social exposure.

A Product Video Can be Creative
Even if the primary goal of your video project is to explain something about your invention or company, you can still be creative. Different methods of production such as speed drawing, whiteboard presentations or even animation can be used to generate a final product that sticks in people’s minds because it is so unique. This is the key to getting your video to go viral, although there is no guaranteed formula for making that happen.

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