Five “Killer” Corporate Video Marketing Tips

Corporate Video Marketing Tips

It doesn’t matter what your industry is. Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have today to promote your brand and gain attention from the largest audience. In the early days of TV, everyone was clamoring to get in on network ads. Well, the same thing is happening now with online video. Thanks to easy-to-use platforms like YouTube, anyone can get their message out to the masses.

If you’re not sure where to start with your online corporate video, here are five killer ideas to get you going. As you learn and experiment with different ideas, you’re sure to think up plenty more on your own:

  • Show personality in your message. There’s more to video than a “talking head.” There is a wide variety of ways you can create valuable content for your business. Animated videos, corporate videos, and videos with music can increase interest in your message. Consider shooting from multiple perspectives and vary the production to create engaging content.
  • Create a series that keeps people coming back. Consider creating ongoing content which invites people to “tune in again.” Do what the soap operas learned to do a long time ago—keep people hanging. By giving the viewers a little at a time, they’ll be motivated to come back for more. To ensure people come back, have a certain time they can expect the next video, such as weekly or monthly increments.
  • Create information products. One way to think about online videos is that you are creating an “informational product.” This is a huge market where you could package and sell for high dollar amounts. But in terms of promotion, create an online tutorial or “how to” that gets the attention of people who like what you have to offer. The idea is to keep them engaged. This also builds credibility for your brand, particularly if your content reflects the niche area your business is in.
  • Be relevant. Media influence is a real. Parental concern over how kids relate to (or emulate) inappropriate ads in media has become a hot topic in recent years. So keep your message appropriate for kids, while also speaking to the young people and adults who view your message. Always keep in mind to have the content relevant to what matters to your viewers the most.
  • Offer testimonials. People love to hear from others who have used your product. This speaks to the credibility of your brand to hear from peers who believe in what you offer. Use video to illustrate the popularity of your product or service and create “brand evangelists.”


Well, there you have it—five killer ways to get started with your online video marketing campaigns. Putting personality into your videos and implementing a specific strategy with client testimonials can truly enhance your marketing in a big way.

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