Follow These Steps to Make Your Animated Video


The process of making any movie is pretty much the same. If you follow these steps you will cover all the basics. This holds true whether you are making an animated video or a blockbuster movie.

Plan Out Your Project
Formally called pre-production, round up all of your ideas and plan out how you will tell your story. Story-boarding, designing layouts, model sheets of your characters, even scriptwriting take place at this time. This is the best time to seek out help.

Finding a professional production sales company will help you create the perfect video. These folks have done it before, and they can do it again; giving you advice on screen writing, creating your spokes-character and helping you to distill your ideas down to their essence.

Get to Work
Now that your ideas are all laid out, you are ready to move on to production. This is when you move from paper to video. Create scenes that are both informative and funny. The advantage to cartoons is that they can do things that real people can’t.

Are you planning to use whiteboard animation or CGI? This is a big decision, as CGI will cost more, but is more “relatable” for your audience. On the other hand, animation is lots of fun. If you are using CGI there is a lot more to do; texturing, rigging and lighting are a few necessities.  Line up your voice talent and record the voice-overs.
With all the pieces of the puzzle completed, it is time to move to post-production.

Tighten It Up
To get a smooth animated video, it is important to use good editing software. You want voices to match up with actions, shadows to fall the right way, and your script has to make sense, even after cutting. Editing things seamlessly takes some experience, so make good use of your production experts. With all the parts lined up, release the video on an unsuspecting world. Then just sit back and hope it goes viral!


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