Four Platinum Rules Of Video Production

Four Platinum Rules of Video Production

When you’re putting a video production together, there are any number of things you need to keep close to your heart. Here at Rip Media Group, we’ve decided to give you the top four; things you should know ahead of time, keep up to speed with, and be on top of.

Four platinum rules:

  • Don’t Tell When You Can Show

Why else are you using the medium of video if you’re not going to bother using it? Furthermore, when you tell people something – instead of showing it – you’re both boring the viewer AND fostering a sense of disingenuousness. If you’re not showing it you must be lying! So whenever you can show what you’re talking about. Let the viewer see it.

  • Beliefs AND Product

Consumers aren’t just searching for a product. They’re looking to connect with the person selling it – often times first – so you need to put yourself forward. Who are you? What are your beliefs? What are your core values? Customers want to forge a bond with you – after all, they’re going to give you money! – so let them know you’re a person worth bonding with. Marry the two in your video production. Let people know you’re as solid as your product/service.

  • Know Your Audience

Not everyone will want or need your product/service – and you don’t have to care about the ones who don’t. Your key question is who are the ones who will? These are the people you need to understand and to talk to in your video production. Make sure you create a script that engages them because they’re the ones who need you just as much as you need them. You don’t need to appeal to everyone; just your audience.

  • Connect

Now you know your audience, your next step is to connect with them; and the best way of achieving that is to make your video production as compelling as possible. There are a variety of ways to go about doing this but at the end of the day, all roads lead to a script that speaks to people from an emotional standpoint. Make them laugh. Make them cry. Make them hurt. Make them feel. And you make them care.

Stick to these four rules and you’ll most definitely stay on the right track. Of course, you can always just hire Rip Media Group to do the job for you; we’ll give you a full consultation leading to a video production that you’ll be both proud of and see a ROI from.

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