Four Video Production Do’s & Don’ts

Video Productions Do's and Don'ts

This week, we’re going to highlight a series of video productions that bring some fantastic and unique marketing ideas into sharp focus. All of them can affect the way you approach your marketing, from good story-telling to, well, not so good.

Here at Rip Media Group, we’ve often talked about how to create the perfect pre-roll. Something that grabs the attention of the viewer in a matter of seconds and won’t let them go. MINI released one recently to talk about its latest model the Mini John Cooper Works – appropriately enough, the fastest Mini ever – where it dared viewers to hit the “skip ad” button on YouTube in time. We’re sure you’ll agree this is a great idea for a pre-roll that both grabs viewers’ attentions and uses the time given in the most perfect way possible.

Imagine creating something for audiences then shutting it away for 100 years? That’s the idea behind Louis XIII, a video production starring John Malkovich and directed by Robert Rodriguez. The film takes place 100 years in the future and has been hermetically sealed in a special safe featuring bulletproof glass and a timer – so the film can’t be opened by anyone until November 18, 2115. The video behind the film can be viewed here. It’s a great idea and it sure gets people talking. But we hope that whoever stored the film remembered to include something to play it with – as the technology we’re using now will be 100 years obsolete by then!

A hi-tech break was the way to go for KitKat’s video production campaign in South America. They rigged special billboards to vibrate when leaned upon and give the person a massage. But KitKat took it a step further, to personalize the experience. Every time “tired,” “stressed” or an equivalent word was typed into Twitter, KitKat replied with a map of the location of the nearest massaging billboard. Brilliant, right?

There’s your weekly “Do’s And Don’ts” wrap -up in terms of video productions. And make sure Rip Media Group is creating your video production for you – it’s a decision you won’t regret.

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