Four Ways To Create A Video Production Right For You

Create a Video Production Right for you

Explainer video productions are a great way to tell consumers who and what you are. They’re up on your front page where they serve as a great first impression to you and your company.  But a good video production doesn’t  just have to explain what you do. Here are a bunch of ideas of other ways to explore video productions.

HIRING TALENT Where do you find that next skilled employee who can help you do business even better? They’re out there – but what’s the best way of engaging them? A video production can do the trick just fine.  Dropbox made a great video with puppets talking about why they love working there. You can see it here;– fun, huh? Makes you wonder why you’re not working there. Well that means it’s working! So maybe you’ll want to put together something similar. Oh, and if you do, Rip Media Group’s the company to do it for you.

MARKET YOUR APP Have you got a mobile app to go along with your business? If not, here’s a couple of thoughts. Apple’s App Store recently reached 100 billion downloads and the cha-ching from that has seen developers wallets increase over $30 billion. So you really should think about putting an app together, even if it’s really simple. Once you have, 15-30 second long videos are allowed to be uploaded into the app store to help promote it. And you need to create one that’s simple and easy to understand.

CROWDSOURCING There are people out there just ready to hand over money if they like something. That’s why crowd funding campaigns are so gosh-darn popular. You can source anything from startup capital to extra resources.Whatever it is you want to do with it, your story will win over people’s checkbooks. Animated videos do well in this category and really stand head and shoulders above live-action video productions. Rip Media Group are great at creating these too, hint hint!

ADVERTISING Explainer video productions are a fantastic marketing tool that can represent your company and its services in a variety of ways. You can use it on your landing page. You can even pop it on YouTube or promote it via Facebook.

Clearly, video is the way to go. It says everything you want it to, it shows everything, and it travels everywhere so you don’t have to. We hope you got something from these tips to make your video productions go the extra mile – and remember, Rip Media Group is your best bet to have them do that.