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Is your product hard to figure out? Do you get lots of emails asking you to explain how it works or what advantages it offers? You need an explainer video to solve your problem, fast.

What Can Explainer Videos Do?
It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what an explainer video is designed to do, but you may not realize that it can do more than explain a product or how to use it. Your video will show people how your product solves a problem for them. People don’t really want all the details behind the product, they just want to know the way it makes life better or more profitable for them.

Connections Improve SEO and ROI
With your explainer video ready to go, plan to have other videos to connect to as well. You know how YouTube works. You watch one thing and it recommends others. Those other videos are usually by the same individual or company, increasing the time a potential customer is watching your message. Videos are also more attractive to SEO bots, and will lead more people to your site.

Use an Animation Agency or Other Professional
Unless you are remarkably familiar with the development of attractive videos, you want to outsource this job. By picking an agency with experience in animation, whiteboard videos or video scribing, you get the most bang for your buck. You can design several videos at the same time and get a real presence online almost immediately, and you end up with something people actually want to watch.

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