How to Get Viewers to Stay with Your Videos

How to Get Viewers To Stay With Your Videos

One of the biggest challenges facing content producers in their video marketing campaigns is viewer retention. The key is to keep your viewersattention long enough for them to see the message of the video. Though this is not the easiest task, Rip Media Group has become extremely successful in doing just that. Lets break it down for you.


According to Google, people tend to drop out of videos within the first 15 seconds. If the viewer is not engaged right from the start, chances are that they wont stick around for a long time. If the video does not contain the essential elements in creating an engaging environment, the response wont be favorable.

Dont spend TOO MUCH TIME on the problem. Once the problem is identified, you must move forward towards the solution. We here at Rip Media Group focus our energy on creating compelling videos for our clientele. We are fully aware that all videos must have a wowfactor with additions of elements that create an engaging piece for all audience members. Get the message of the video clear and concise and get to it quickly so that viewers arent confused about the material.


  • Videos should contain information on how viewers can benefit from the material.

  • Have creative elements such as Motion Graphics to entertain the viewer.

  • Keep the video short, sweet and to the point. Never include useless information that offers no sense of meaning to the viewer.

When you team up with Rip Media Group, you will find that these tips are always in consideration when creating the next video. Our mission is to always create engaging videos that sell the message all while entertaining the audience. We understand how important it is to keep the viewers attention, and that is why we take the approach of always having impactful material.

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