Great Storytelling Makes You And Your Video Production Sexy!

Great Storytelling for Video Production

I gotta tell you, looking out from my office window to see all of Hollywood spread before me makes me realize how important the art of storytelling is to any video production. Without it there’d be nothing; no movies, no TV, and no advertising. Writing – specifically storytelling – is just about the most important step you can take when putting together your video production, be it whiteboard animation, motion graphics or live action.

Interestingly, there was a recent article that cropped up on a Personal Relationships blog I was reading that said stories can actually dictate our attitude to the storytellers themselves. It turns out that the people who are strong storytellers are considered higher status than those who aren’t, and they’re even considered more attractive by potential partners!

To discover just how much more attractive a great storyteller is, John Donahue and Melanie Green ran some pretty interesting experiments utilizing a dating-site type set up. They asked participants to talk about the attractiveness of a potential partner based upon the written word.

In one of the experiments, participants saw a photo of a potential match along with a bio that displayed the person’s storytelling abilities – or lack thereof. The participants whose bio included a stronger storytelling element were found much more attractive than those whose bios were purely descriptive.

The second experiment went a bit further, asking participants to determine whether they thought a potential match would make a good spouse. The results were very similar; participants whose bios included a stronger storytelling element were thought to make better spouses than those whose bios were more basic.

Another element of the experiments had participants reading a story that they were told was recounted by the potential partner. The stories that came alive with a robust vocabulary turned their “writers” into much better prospects, with participants rating them as more appealing.

At the end of the day, what Donahue and Green’s findings suggest is that there’s an inherent desire in all of us to be engaged by good storytelling. But how does this relate to your explainer video, you ask? What the experiment referenced above clearly illustrates is that the story you tell makes a powerful impression on your audience. Whether your goal is to attract a potential mate or your next client, telling a good story is a crucial part of that journey.

Here at Rip Media Group, we ensure that everything we do starts with a story. A good story. No, a great story. Every video we produce is dripping with story and emotion, from the dramatic to comedic, and everything in between. Remember – your story starts here!