More Hot Tips For A Hot Video Production

Tips for Video Production

We recently wrote a blog with some tips to enhance your video production – whether it’s whiteboard animation, live action or motion graphics. And wow, you really liked it! So much so that you’ve asked us here at Rip Media Group to share some more! Well, without further ado, let’s get to them:

Improving Video Rankings

How you write your tags, metadata, etc., can all have an impact on how many people view your video. Make sure you hit all the relevant points so people can find you. Remember, you’re the needle in the haystack – you need to make your video production needle shout!

Ensure A Good Production

We’re going to be a little self-promoting here, but why not? It’s our blog! You have to ensure your video production is going to be good and produced at competitive rates. That’s what we do here at Rip Media Group; give you a solid, innovative, compelling video production (just check our online portfolio to see for yourself!) and we don’t charge an arm and a leg. We also do it all; from whiteboard animation to motion graphics to live action to everything in between.

Elevator Pitch

Have you boiled down your main selling points to a short pitch that potential clients can understand immediately? Your video production should embody this pitch; 60-90 seconds that perfectly encapsulates what you’re selling, who you are, and why the customer needs you.

Customer Testimonials

LinkedIn knows all about testimonials and you should too. Your customers don’t want to be the first to trust you; they want to know others like you too. Your customers want to see 3 things:

  1. Referral Value (having customers refer you to others).
  2. Emotional Value (client testimonials can do more to potential customers than fact sheets do).
  3. Conversion Value (client testimonials are a powerful means to convert potential clients that are thinking of doing business with you).

YouTube Plan

Did you know that YouTube is the world’s second largest search platform? So how does your YouTube channel look? You don’t have one??? Okay, let’s get on that. And let’s make sure your YouTube channel is optimized. Add videos like webinars and online tutorials if you can. Let’s surround your amazing video production, the jewel in your corporate crown, with rich content that compliments your messaging.

Optimized Email

Track who’s watching, engaging, or responding to your B2B video production via your Outlook account. All that stuff’s trackable – so track it!

And there you go! A bunch of hot tips that will help your video production go from hot to scalding! Feel free to contact us here at Rip Media Group for a full consultation and let us produce your company’s video!

Remember – your story starts here.