Hot Tips For Video Production Marketing

Tips for Video Production Marketing

You’re nervous. Not so nervous that people would notice but you’ve got a problem you’re dealing with and you need to figure it out. That problem is….video production marketing. Do you pull the trigger and spend the money for a video production – something you know your company needs – and accidentally waste a bunch of money? It’s a real issue. But here at Rip Media Group, where we make video productions every single day for companies likes yours, we see how the benefits far outweigh anything else. And with a bunch of hot tips under your belt, you can ensure your video production – whether it’s whiteboard animation or motion graphics – exceeds your and your boss’s expectations.

So where are you going to find these hot tips? Right here, of course! We like to extend as much help as we can to our clients, potential clients, and everyone else too.

Distribution First

While you’re overseeing the production of your video, you should already be thinking about distribution – it’s never too early. For example, where will you be sharing the video? On social media platforms? Email? In fact, this question is so important it can even lead to changing the video production itself.  With different platforms come different versions; from the six-second version on Vine to ensuring your opening few seconds are crucial if you’re making a pre-roll ad. And if it’s going onto Facebook then make sure the visuals are compelling enough that even without sound, people will scroll back to see what it is.

Start with a bang.

Your first three seconds are the most important and they’re going to grab the viewer by the shirt collar and not let them go. Will it be an exciting motion graphic piece? Or will you go with whiteboard animation? (examples of both can be found right here on our website).

Tell a great story.

Your whiteboard animation video should press as many emotional buttons as possible while creating a compelling story.

Be inventive.

Don’t settle on a tired old format to tell your story. Add something new to the mix. Dare to be original.

Remember The Feels

Emotional connections are the best and longest-lasting you can make with your video production. They are the ones that place your product at the heart of the consumer.  And the more emotional you are, the greater the chance your viewers will share the video and make it go viral.

And there you go! Remember these tips and the process should go a lot easier and make you feel a lot less nervous. You can also just contact us here at Rip Media Group for a full and free consultation to see what we can do for you. Whether it’s whiteboard animation, 2D, 3D, motion graphics, or live action, we’re hell-bent on creating the best damn video production for your company.

Remember – your story starts here!