How To Make Your Video Production Go Viral

Video Production Marketing

The video production marketer’s dream can be summed up very succinctly; Going Viral. Ah, you can almost taste that dream, right? It’s something we all want. Well, there are a few ways to stack the deck in your favor – and we at Rip Media Group, the home of great video productions, be they whiteboard animation or motion graphic – are going to share them with you.


When placing your video production on YouTube – and as many other social platforms as possible – make sure people can interact with it! That means allowing viewers to comment, rate, share, and embed the video. It’s (obviously) much easier for a video to go viral when people can share it – but letting people comment on it and rate it gives them a sense of participation too. And that all helps!


By placing keywords in your video production’s title and its description, you’ll be telling Google that you exist. And who doesn’t love it when Google knows they exist? Your best bet is to write a brief description using the keywords you think your potential customers will be using. That way, your website’s ranking on Google’s search engine will go higher, which means more people will see you first!

Grassroots Sales

How much does it cost to upload your video production to YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc? NOTHING. So why aren’t you doing it? The more websites that host your video, the more people can see it.  But don’t stop there. Ask friends, family and co-workers to comment on and rate your video, ask them to like it and share it. Get it out there!


Do you read the blogs of any internet-famous people? People who blog about your industry? Reach out to them; ask if they’ll watch your video and give you their feedback. If they like what they see, they may decide to share it – and if they do…bam! Your numbers might go through the roof.

You want to do whatever you can to help give your video production an advantage when it comes to Going Viral. We may never really know what that X factor is that puts a video over the top and makes it go viral, but as long as you’re doing everything you can, there’s a much greater chance yours will! You can also reach out to us here at Rip Media Group so we can produce a great video for you — which is the very first step in making your dream of Going Viral a reality.