How Whiteboard Animation Works for You


There is something to be said for connecting to people in a familiar space. From childhood we are completely in tune with animation, and whiteboard animation, a new way to market any product, falls in perfect step. Whiteboard animation, also known as RSA style animation is a great way to get your ideas across in a fashion everyone can understand.

Show How Your Product Makes Life Easier
You may very well be a fascinating individual with a remarkable product to offer, but none of your potential clients care. What they want to know is how your new gizmo is going to make their life better, easier or simpler. By using animation you can show them in a fun way exactly what they stand to gain by purchasing your product. This is the kind of marketing that translates into good ROI.

Create a Company Product Teaser
Ok, you have created a couple of videos with the help of an animation agency, and you are ready to introduce another product. What should your next step be? Why, make another video, of course. Make this video even before your new product comes out, that way people will be vying to purchase it the moment it becomes available.

A teaser video may show a prototype or explain how this new product enhances something the customer already has. Think of it as a way to whet the appetite of potential and existing clients and plan a script that is designed to excite.

Since people retain more when they watch a video than they do when they read something, this is a wonderful way keep your brand in the forefront of someone’s mind. By bringing together many types of media, music, narration and graphics, you engage prospects’ interest and convert it to actual sales.

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