Huge Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Video Marketing

Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the best strategies to boost sales for your business. Problem is, a lot of business’ make critical mistakes when it comes to the implementation of their video marketing campaign. Often times, the mistakes all stem from the script itself. Rip Media Group knows how important it is to have a strong foundation for a video – and that all starts with a great script.


Here are a few tips on why your video is not the talk of the town.

Avoid the use of jargon. Videos are created so that people can access information quickly, easily and efficiently. Businesses’ and entrepreneurs who create videos simply forget the basics far too often. At Rip Media Group, we are always finding ways to create videos for our clients that sell their story or message in a style that’s easy for anyone to understand.

Write for Consumers. Consumers only care about what’s in it for them – so it’s important to keep that in mind when creating your next video. Rip Media Group can help you target your audience and address them directly, the first step to any successful video marketing campaign.

Write for B2B: In some scenarios, you can be addressing businesses too. In this instance, it’s doubly important to remember to never use jargon or unnecessary language. Businesses don’t like to waste their time so you need to capture and maintain their attention fast.

Make it friendly and direct. If your message is not clear and concise, viewers will flock to other videos. We at Rip Media Group will help you keep your video brief, precise and to the point. Our goal is to get your target audience to watch your video and keep coming back for more.

Remember to always keep these notes in mind when taking the plunge into your next video marketing campaign. Let Rip Media Group be the staple of that awesome journey by helping you create compelling and engaging videos. We are standing by when you’re ready!

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