Hybrid Videos

Hybrid Videos

Hybrid videos are created when two different types of videos merge into one. Say what now? Yes, you read that correctly. These types of videos can be live action based with motion graphic overlays, animation and even kinetic typography the list goes on and on. Because there are endless combinations that can help create a hybrid video, its important to know what kind of characteristics would suit your video best. There must always be a purpose behind the elements you decide on, so choosing the options that will best relate to your brand is a key element in creating a successful promotional video. Rip Media Group loves the idea of hybrid videos for any client so we are well suited to take on your video idea to the next level. Part of that process focuses on developing your message and then deciding what is the best way to deliver it to the masses. Heres what you need to know.

Why Hybrid Videos?

Because we said so! Just kidding we have various reasons why you should consider a hybrid video, so lets get started. Hybrid videos have the ability to set you apart from your competition. Having a video that contains various elements in one space creates a separation from the traditional forms of video and thats what you should be looking for. You dont want to blend in with every other business out there. Ideally, you want to set yourself apart so you can create stronger relationships between your brand and target audience.

What Types?

There are so many different elements that you can decide to go with for your hybrid video. A popular combination consists of a live action shoot with animation or graphic overlays. You can have a person on one side of the frame, while the other half consists of animated characters, symbols and shapes. For the viewer, this creates a sense of wonder and once thats established, they are instantly engaged. Since there are various ways of combining elements to create a hybrid video, your overall content will remain unique, distinctive and fresh. We here at Rip Media Group have created many different hybrid videos for clients. Without a question, we are big fans of hybrid videos and we are standing by to help you create yours.

If you would like help producing your video, our production team would love to help. Just reach out to us at:www.ripmediagroup.com. We love producing motion graphic animation, live action video, whiteboard animation/speed drawing animation, and helping people like you reach your goals.