The Importance of Knowing Your Viewers in Video Marketing Campaigns


As with anything in the B2B world that you are selling or marketing, when you are using video to market your product or service, it is crucial to know your viewers. You need to, of course, have a thorough knowledge of your product and niche area and establish that you are an expert in your field first. This goes to credibility and trustworthiness and establishes that you are an authority in your niche. But the most important quality of an explainer video for video marketing is that you have an appeal to the specific audience of viewers you are targeting as customers. So how do you know what approach to take?

There are four basic questions you can ask yourself to help determine what to include in your marketing video, so that you can reach your targeted viewers.

Why Is the Viewer Watching?

While it is true that people want to be entertained, the primary reason people watch B2B videos is because they need or want to be informed about a product, service, or solution. It is also about connecting to them in a very relevant way to their own business. You want them to feel that your business has something to offer them that others just don’t have. This separates you from the majority and puts you directly on the radar of the people you want to do business with. You should also keep in mind that you are trying to answer questions from unknown potential business customers who may want your services in the future. You do not know what these questions are, so you are going to need to do the best you can to answer their questions, even when you do not know what they want to know.

Potential Questions

Some of the questions people may want answered are: • What is different about this solution that I cannot get from anywhere else?
• What is new in this release that was not present in a previous release (for current customers or potential new buyers)?
• What can I do with this new product that I cannot do now?
• What are the nuances of the product?

The Goal of Video Marketing

Remember that one of the primary goals of video marketing is not only to get the viewer to want to purchase the product himself, but also to recommend it to others. This is how you will get your video marketing efforts to expand their reach beyond your audience, to include those that they interact with and do business with, and it increases your potential for sales immensely.

Another important thing to do when planning your video marketing campaigns is to imagine the viewer as a buyer and list the differentiating factors and features in your product, such as flexible licensing, deployment options, and revenue sharing. If you set your product apart from the rest by illustrating the various ways it can be used across their business platforms, you will be more likely to capture the interest of business people on many levels of decision making. Include appeal that will have a reach to CEO’s, business managers, and HR staff, as well as the marketing and sales department to have the broadest reach.

Where Is the Viewer Watching? Location Is Important

Consider the environment in which the viewer is watching. If you are showing the video in a large conference setting or room that is noisy or distracting, it might be sufficient to only show the video without a lot of audio, since people will not be able to hear it. If, on the other hand, you are doing primarily online video, you will want to keep in mind the comparison issue and how viewers will see your product or service, when lined up with others which are similar to yours. People who are searching online for information in videos are generally more in tune with the individual messages, and you are more able to communicate specific points you want to make to those viewers. You should also keep in mind the type of device users are using to access your video. All of this information can be tracked in Google analytics, as well as You Tube’s tracking information so that you can see what is getting the most results.

Be Careful with Assumptions

There are some things that can be assumed about the viewers who visit your marketing videos, but you know what too much assuming can do, right? So it is important for your marketing team to choose what you put in your online video carefully so you are not isolating those you are trying to reach by being too narrow in your thinking or approach. The more global you can be in your message, the more likely it will be to appeal to a broader audience.

If In Doubt, Leave It Out

Watch putting your specific opinions or philosophies in or talking too narrowly about ideas when you do not know how some in your audience are thinking. When planning what to put in your corporate video for online marketing purposes, the best solution is to highlight the most positive aspects of your business and how it can best benefit your potential clients and customers. This is, after all, the essence of B2B marketing, and how you can use video in a positive way to get your message to the people who will connect with you and convert them to customers.

In a Nutshell

The most important things to focus on regarding your video marketing plan are that you capture the interest of the people you are targeting to bring in as customers, that they feel compelled to act in some way after hearing your message and that they feel the need to share with others. If you can do this and follow these guidelines, you will be well on your way to creating an engaging, effective video campaign that presents the message you want to the people you want to attract in a big way.

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