Increasing Business With Interactive Video Productions

Increasing Business with Interactive Video Productions

Everyone says it– qualified leads are great. But Sales Opportunities are even better and closing New Business is the best! Often times, when you’re trying to figure out metrics for the video production you have on your website, you look at figures like how many people watched. The real metric – the only one that really counts – is how much new business it generated.

First off, you need to create your video production to have a lasting impact. Ensuring that the content actually resonates with the viewer is key because if it doesn’t speak to them, it doesn’t stick. Your content also has to be unique. With everyone else creating content, yours needs to stand at least a head and shoulders above the rest. And let’s not forget content that gives the user a great experience. Your video has to appeal to emotions to create lasting connections.

Interactive content is a dialog. It can include quizzes or polls or surveys or interactive infographics. There’s a conversation going on– so make sure to give your viewers a call to action. And don’t freak out that it sounds like a lot of extra work. You can take all your existing white papers and research and turn them into works of interaction.

Your buyers are on a journey – looking for the right solution. It’s a three-step journey; first they have to be aware of you and understand what you’re offering. Secondly, they then consider you to see if you’re filling their needs. Finally, they make the purchase, satisfied that you are the solution.

So your video production needs to inform them in the most compelling, engaging – and even fun – ways possible that you have the solution to the problem they’re looking to solve. That’s the best way to get your customer to that third step – which translates to new business for you.

Here are some other thoughts on making a video production that leads to new business:

  • Make sure your calls to action are clear. Incite that audience!
  • Be unexpected.
  • Know who your audience is.
  • Give people options.

With those thoughts in play when you put together your video production, you should be able to gain more leads, more sales opportunities and, most importantly, new business. And don’t forget to let Rip Media Group produce it for you.