Learn the Basics of Whiteboard Videos


There are few things as much fun to watch as whiteboard videos. Creativity is their calling card, and humor is their watchword. There are some pretty simple steps that you will incorporate into your videos that will make them successful. Are you ready to learn?

Plan, Plan and Plan Some More
This is one time when you want to make all your plans ahead of time. Planning everything properly means you are less likely to make mistakes. The more you practice your script, the better it will flow. Take time to work out the right lighting and if you will be on camera, be sure to wear darker colored clothes. A few rehearsals, done on camera, will let you figure out what to wear, what to say and how to say it.

Learn to use any animation software you plan to employ. Poor skills in this department will leave your characters looking robotic, whether that is your intention or not.

Hands-On Time
Now that your rehearsals are running smoothly, it is time to commit. You need someone who can draw. Frankly, not everyone can, and crudely drawn images look amateurish. That’s fine if you want your whiteboard to look like something your kid drew, but not if you want to look like a professional.

With your whiteboard out, it is time to get ideas down. Be clear. Use bold, easily understood symbols—for example, no one has any question about the meaning of a red circle with a diagonal line through the center. It is highly effective on a black and white background.

Connect with your audience. Talk directly to them, and don’t mumble. When you present confidently, customers are more likely to be interested. Not only can they hear you better, they get that you believe in your product.

Not Everyone Is a Pro
I know people who quake at the idea of getting in front of a camera, or struggle to draw a straight line with a ruler. We all do. They may have the best idea in the world, but if they can’t share it effectively, their innovation is worthless. If you fall into that category, then contact the pros—like the people at RIP Media.

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