Make the Most of Your Animated Corporate Video


Just using video in your marketing is an advantage. Viewers will retain nearly 60% more when they see a video than they do when they read simple content. Animation is approachable and reinforces your message in a truly unique way. Here are a few tips that will help you to get an even better return on your investment from an animated corporate video.

Simplicity Sells
While animation is a multi-sensory experience it can still be a simple process. Stick to simple drawings and basic concepts. The less complex your presentation, the better people will absorb your message.

Provide Clarity
This is important not only for your customers, but also for your animators. Know what you want before you hire someone, but be ready to listen to good ideas. Have a plan in place before work starts, since it is easier to make changes when things are still on paper.
A clear message will also tell your prospective customers what they need to know or where to go to make their purchases.

Connect with Your Customers
By building on something your customers already know, you can create an instant connection. The familiarity they feel with their current knowledge will translate to comfort with new ideas. Give your presentation a friendly feel and you will increase the likelihood of people sharing it with others.

Sales Videos Should be Selective
You may have a million things you want to share, but don’t. Focus on one topic in each video. It is more effective to make several videos, each addressing a different goal, than to try and cram several ideas into one presentation. Studies show that you only have about two minutes to make your point; do your best to “get in and get out” when you plan your production.

Don’t Lose the Fun
Animation should be fun. In fact, the videos that offer a bit of humor are the ones which are most likely to go viral. Laughing releases endorphins, which means your viewers will feel good when they finish watching. Making good use of this phenomenon can increase your sales. Finish your video with a clickable link that sends potential customers to your site, and your bottom line will improve.

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