Make Some Room, YouTube: Vine Climbs in Marketing Video Services

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YouTube may be too big to fail, but it will have to relinquish some room to a newcomer in marketing video services. Vine, still just a seedling in the lifespan of social video-sharing apps, is already gaining ground on YouTube in terms of Twitter engagement amongst its users. Introduced six months ago as an iOS compatible app, Vine recently made the leap to Android, opening it up to a much larger audience. Let’s take a closer look at the marketing potential of the all-new 6 second promo video.

The 6 Second Promo Video

Video content can communicate a lot of information—visually and orally—in a relatively short amount of time, making it a very efficient marketing tool. Vine took that concept and amplified it. Or, rather, shrunk it. With a six second length cap, videos on Vine force casual users and video marketers alike to shoot and edit creatively for maximum meaning in minimum frames. Forget the drawn-out, infomercial-like promo video. Think quick, punchy and memorable. Successfully leveraging Vine for your own branded video content may mean a quick “preview” of a longer promo video, a condensed version of forthcoming corporate video or simply a humorous, highly shareable short.

Maximizing Social Media Mileage

In a recent study, SocialBakers found that while YouTube had an average engagement rate of around 0.05%, Vine clocked in at around 0.03%, a remarkable achievement for such a young platform. The study suggests that the app’s ease of use on mobile devices is responsible for its wide use and successful social media crossover.

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